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Welcome to the official website of The Southend Sunday Football League. The League was founded in 1964 and is now in its 52nd season. Should you wish to contact the League, follow us on Twitter or if you are one of our registered referees and wish to submit your match result sheet then please 'click' on one of the icons below.

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Last update - March 2016

The Southend Sunday Football League utilises the FA Full-Time website facility for the general administration of the League including fixtures, results, tables and cup competitions please click on the links below to access the League information

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Referee Promotions:

Congratulations to the following referees have have gained promotion this season. They are - Gary Telling, Sven Wood, Simon Caton, Matt Davis, Tom Raffan, Taylor Hawks and Harry Dunnett.


The fixtures for the start of the new season are now available on the website and on FA full-time. For more details please click on the 'Fixtures' link above.

Season 2014/2015:

Congratulations to the winners and runners up in the various competitions. The full details of who won what are detailed below,

League Competition:
Premier Division: Winners - Hullbridge Sports - Runners Up - Railway Academicals
Division One: Winners - Railway Academicals Reserves - Runners Up - Benfleet Villa
Division Two: Winners - Mayne United - Runners Up - Wickford Wanderers
Division One: Winners - Ashford - Runners Up - Davin Athletic Reserves

League Cup Finals:
Section A: Winners - Brush Rangers - Runners Up - Maplin Saints
Section B: Winners - Plough & Sail - Runners Up - Prittlewell
Section C: Winners - Mayne United - Runners Up - Southchurch United
Section D: Winners - Ashford - Runners Up - Mayne United Reserves

Charity Cup Finals:
Section A: Winners - Brush Rangers - Runners Up - Railway Academicals
Section B: Winners - Benfleet Villa - Runners Up - Mayne United
Section C: Winners - Wickford Wanderers - Runners Up - Papillon Reserves

Getting into Refereeing:

James Lisher of the Essex County Football Association has sent all Leagues an email with details on the above. The email is below if anyone interestined in becoming a referee.

Hi All,
I thought I would put together a quick update from me about our 2015 basic referee's course information and application process.
In an attempt to change the current issues that we are experiencing with level 9 trainee referees not completing their basic course qualification. I have put in place the relevant steps to try and develop a better level of newly qualified match official by extracting the first module of the basic course from the weekend into a more educational evening labeled as a "Get into Refereeing" evening.
In the past candidates could register directly onto the basic referee's course via our course list in Participant, which then meant that we only found out what they wanted to do within refereeing on the first day of the course. Many of these candidates were under 18 and only wanted to do the Mini Soccer course or take up the qualification for their Duke of Edinburgh award or GCSE's which obviously isn't a problem however the candidate didn't realise that they would have to go out and actively officiate within their local area.
Therefore the aim of removing Module 1 from the course weekend into a separate "Get into Refereeing" evening will now allow candidates to get a better insight into the world of refereeing whilst also allowing the Referees Department to go through the relevant course information.
This session has also been designed to provide local Schools/colleges, Clubs, and Leagues with an opportunity to "host" their own Module 1 - Get into Refereeing session which will then be followed up with the relevant referees course (Mini Soccer/Basic Referees Course) where the need for new match officials is required.
Should anyone enquire about becoming a referee with us and want to view the new course details then please can I ask that you refer them to the Referees Section of the Essex FA website - www.Essexfa.com/Referees
As you will see from the website, I have put together the new interest form from using the FA's latest survey software and this new interest form will allow me to get a better idea of the level of demand of referee qualifications from around Essex.
All new potential candidates will now either register their interest by completing the online form or by completing and returning the attached form Getting into Refereeing by email to me. Upon submission details of the relevant Module 1 - Get into Refereeing session will be sent to them specifically for their application. Should you require any additional information on this new process then please feel free to contact me.
James Lisher
Referee Development Officer
Essex County Football Association

Player Registration Forms:

All clubs are reminded that if a players registrations form / photo ID card has three stickers on the back then a new registration form and new photographs will be required to be submitted to Karen Andrews.
Karen has advised that registration forms can be submitted from the 1st July.
To download a copy of the latest registration form please use the links below:-
Excel Version - Click Here !
PDF version - Click Here !